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2017 Sharyland Load Management Program


Participation Information

Sharyland Utilities’ 2017 Load Management Standard Offer Program (SOP) is designed to provide non-residential customers the opportunity to earn money by making their facilities available to reduce electric power consumption when given 60 minutes’ notice for short periods of time during the summer peak demand season.

The program is designed to reduce demand during peak periods, defined as weekdays 1-7 p.m. CDT, June through September, excluding Federal holidays (Performance Period). It is a performance-based program that offers incentive payments to participating customers for voluntarily curtailing electric load on notice. This manual outlines the requirements for participation and explains the commitments participants must make.

Sharyland has set an initial goal of enrolling 1 MW of curtailable load in the 2017 program year and has an incentive budget of $40,000.


Program Description

The Sharyland Load Management SOP invites commercial class customers (including governmental, non-profit, and institutional customers) receiving distribution-level service to provide on-call, voluntary curtailment of electric consumption during peak demand periods in return for incentive payments. Sharyland is offering payments of $40/kW for the average demand reduction delivered by participating customers, who will receive notice of the planned event at least 60 minutes before they must reduce load. Incentive payments are based on verified delivery of demand savings through Sharyland analysis of billing data. Customers are not required to produce a specific level of curtailed load; however, customers will only receive payment for the amount of load curtailed.


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